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The Root Cause

Quack Science? The link between oral health and systemic health has been a very hot topic lately. With the Netflix "documentary" The Root Cause , and several recently published articles have pushed the topic into public awareness.  The thing that is really upsetting many of us in the dental community is that most of the "science" and "experts" that are featured in the film are not exactly reliable. The experts include Dr. Weston Price, whose research from the early 1900's has been called into question due to poor experimental practices, Dr. Hal Huggins, whose dental licence was revoked due to gross negligence, and Dr. Boyd Haley, a chemist who claimed that vaccines cause autism though he has no background in child neurology, epidemiology, or genetics, making him the opposite of an expert. The science that is often cited in the "studies" that support the film refer to cancer or other systemic disease being on the same "Meridi