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Chinese Dentistry

Year of the Pig! In honor of the Chinese New Year, we have come up with a list of interesting facts about Chinese dentistry, and since it is the year of the Pig, a few about pigs too! Ancient Chinese Dentistry The Chinese were doing rudimentary oral surgery, such as tooth extraction, about 8,000 years ago! Other breakthroughs include:  Using acupuncture to help alleviate tooth pain(~4000 years ago) Using arsenic to treat toothache(~1000 years ago) Using silver amalgam to treat dental decay(~1400 years ago) Unfortunately for us, China had a very long period of civil war and conquest which disrupted medical and dental research and perhaps other breakthroughs. Who knows what else they could have come up with! Pig teeth Here are a few interesting facts about our hog friends: Baby Pigs have 28 teeth, while adult pigs have 44 teeth All pigs have tusk teeth, which are sharper and used to defend the pig Pig teeth have enamel just like human teeth Pigs were dome