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Happy New Year

It is time to make your smile great again! Last year was "Make America Great Again", now its your smile's turn.  Almost everyone makes new years resolutions about losing weight, working out, or some other way to take care of themselves, but very rarely do I hear anyone talk about taking care of their oral health in the new year. I can't ever remember someone saying that their resolution is to floss every day, or get the much needed dental work done! What we need to remember is that our mouths are our #1 source of input into our bodies. We eat, drink and breath every day, and if our mouths aren't healthy, we are also letting bacteria into the rest of our bodies when we do. Overall Health Starts In The Mouth There have been numerous studies that have linked oral health to various health problems, such as Heart Disease, Alzheimer's,  Osteoporosis, even problems during pregnancy! However most of us are worried about how much cardio we get, or skipping le