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The Root Cause

Quack Science? The link between oral health and systemic health has been a very hot topic lately. With the Netflix "documentary" The Root Cause , and several recently published articles have pushed the topic into public awareness.  The thing that is really upsetting many of us in the dental community is that most of the "science" and "experts" that are featured in the film are not exactly reliable. The experts include Dr. Weston Price, whose research from the early 1900's has been called into question due to poor experimental practices, Dr. Hal Huggins, whose dental licence was revoked due to gross negligence, and Dr. Boyd Haley, a chemist who claimed that vaccines cause autism though he has no background in child neurology, epidemiology, or genetics, making him the opposite of an expert. The science that is often cited in the "studies" that support the film refer to cancer or other systemic disease being on the same "Meridi
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Chinese Dentistry

Year of the Pig! In honor of the Chinese New Year, we have come up with a list of interesting facts about Chinese dentistry, and since it is the year of the Pig, a few about pigs too! Ancient Chinese Dentistry The Chinese were doing rudimentary oral surgery, such as tooth extraction, about 8,000 years ago! Other breakthroughs include:  Using acupuncture to help alleviate tooth pain(~4000 years ago) Using arsenic to treat toothache(~1000 years ago) Using silver amalgam to treat dental decay(~1400 years ago) Unfortunately for us, China had a very long period of civil war and conquest which disrupted medical and dental research and perhaps other breakthroughs. Who knows what else they could have come up with! Pig teeth Here are a few interesting facts about our hog friends: Baby Pigs have 28 teeth, while adult pigs have 44 teeth All pigs have tusk teeth, which are sharper and used to defend the pig Pig teeth have enamel just like human teeth Pigs were dome

Happy New Year

It is time to make your smile great again! Last year was "Make America Great Again", now its your smile's turn.  Almost everyone makes new years resolutions about losing weight, working out, or some other way to take care of themselves, but very rarely do I hear anyone talk about taking care of their oral health in the new year. I can't ever remember someone saying that their resolution is to floss every day, or get the much needed dental work done! What we need to remember is that our mouths are our #1 source of input into our bodies. We eat, drink and breath every day, and if our mouths aren't healthy, we are also letting bacteria into the rest of our bodies when we do. Overall Health Starts In The Mouth There have been numerous studies that have linked oral health to various health problems, such as Heart Disease, Alzheimer's,  Osteoporosis, even problems during pregnancy! However most of us are worried about how much cardio we get, or skipping le

Does your smile have Termites in it?

Look Familiar? Hopefully this looks nothing like your beautiful smile, but we have all seen the movie, or at the very least heard the song 100+ times this season already. While the Grinch may simply have to live with the staining, crowding and his bug friends, we can help take care of your teeth a little better. This is not only the season for Ho-Ho-Ho but also the end of the dental benefit year for most insurance plans. Use it or lose it! At the end of the year, most dental benefits reset, meaning you have a full maximum to use in the new year. However, you also have that pesky deductible to meet again, and any benefits that you did not use in the last year go down the drain, back into the pocket of the insurance companies. Call us today to see how to maximize your benefits for the year, or request an appointment on our website, , or here is information on Implants , Whitening , or to learn a bit more about Dr. Pan

Chewing Ice

Lately, we have notice that many of our patients are chewing ice, so Dr. Pan was interested in finding out if there was possibly a cause. Chewing ice can have severe consequences when it comes to your teeth. Due to the temperature and hardness of the ice, it can fracture your teeth, prematurely loosen or break your dental crowns, or cause micro fractures which develop over time into sensitivity and decay. Dr. Pan found that one possible reason for chewing ice was due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can cause a burning sensation in your mouth, leading to a craving(called Pica) for ice. Pica is a craving for any substance that has no nutritional value, and has other causes, but Dr. Pan was interested and concerned about the iron deficiency because it can cause other systemic issues. Iron deficiency can cause low red blood cell count(anemia), frequent infections due to suppressed immune system, hair loss, and extreme fatigue or exhaustion. Low iron has also been linked to a much h

Whitening Solutions

Hello again everyone, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that people request is tooth whitening. There are a lot of different products out there but we will focus on a few of the basic methods and how whitening works. Whitening works through the application of either Hydrogen Peroxide(HP) or Carbamide Peroxide(CP), which penetrates the tooth surface and breaks down the chemicals that accumulate in the tooth, causing the staining. The higher the concentration of either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide increases how quickly it works as well as how many shades whiter you get per treatment. There are many many different products out there that claim tooth whitening, but they generally fall into a few different categories: 1. Toothpastes and rinses 2. Whitening Strips 3. Take home custom trays 4. Professional In Office whitening Whitening toothpastes and Oral rinses are made by most of the big companies like Colgate and Oral-B. There are even a few holistic brand

Occlusal Guards - Night Guards

Hello again from the office of Dr. Alan Pan, today we are going to talk about a different type of preventative care that may have been offered to you: Night Guards. Known as Occlusal Guards in the dental field, Night Guards do what the name suggests, guard your teeth at night! However, they are protecting your teeth not from an external threat, but from yourself. Often our own worst enemy when it comes to our teeth, we can do a lot of damage over time if we have bad habits such as bruxism, or grinding and clenching your teeth. Have you ever woken up with a sore jaw, a headache, or neck/ear pain? These could be symptoms of grinding or clenching your teeth at night. If left unchecked, bruxism can break teeth or fillings, wear down your enamel, increase your risk of decay, and cause all kinds of pain. Other symptoms include: Tooth Sensitivity Migraine Headaches Ringing in your ears Broken/fractured teeth Broken/Fractured restorations(E.G. Fillings or Crowns) Tooth Mobility